About Us

What is Ezras Nashim

Ezras Nashim is a NYS Certified Basic Life Support First Response organization (BLS-FR) endorsed by prominent Rabbonim.

Ezras Nashim’s primary purpose is to train women as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who can then assist women in emergency situations, and preserve their dignity. Ezras Nashim is also obligated by law to serve anyone who calls for their service regardless of gender and race.

Our Goals

Ezras Nashim strives to provide emergency care to women in the Orthodox Jewish community. Our goal is to expand our growing network of trained professional female EMTs that are available 24/7. It is our hope that Ezras Nashim will become an indispensable part of the Brooklyn community and then spread to Jewish communities around the globe. We will allow women to focus on their health, rather than the loss of their dignity, during an medical emergency.

Our Mission

Over the last fifty years, volunteer-based Emergency Medical Services (EMS) groups have grown to become renowned international organizations servicing Jewish communities world-wide; the care they provide is invaluable and unparalleled. We are deeply grateful to the men who volunteer their time and rely on their services for ourselves, family and friends. However, there is a significant void in first response medical services in the observant Jewish Community that we are prepared to fill: Dignified emergency care for women, provided by women.

As observant Jewish women, Tznius, or modesty, is way of life. It dictates the way we dress, speak and act on a daily basis. Our personal identity and the defining characteristic we bring forth to nations of the world is our dedication to Tznius. According to Jewish law, the preservation of human life trumps almost anything, even Tzinus.

For the past five decades, Jewish women have been given only two sub-par options in emergency care: be treated by men in their immediate community, resulting in a very uncomfortable situation that threatens their Tznius or turn outside the community for assistance. Inspired by our ancestral midwives, Shifrah and Pooah, it is time for Bnos Yisroel to reclaim our role as healers and midwives for our mothers, daughters, sisters and fellow woman. B’Zchus Nashim Tzidkaniyos, we invite you to become our partners.

Ezras Nashim Branches

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Meet Our Team

Hon. Rachel E. Freier,


Rachel Freier, known as Ruchie by her friends and family, was elected as Civil Court Judge in November 2016. Prior to becoming a judge, she maintained law offices in Borough Park and Monroe, N. Y. licensed to practice in NY, NJ and Washington DC.

Rachel attended Bais Yaakov from elementary school through seminary. Her teachers, many of whom were students of Sara Schneirer impressed upon her that each person is created with a Tzelem Elokim, in the image of G-D with incredible potential, which inspired her to reach great heights in public service.

After graduating Bais Yaakov, Rachel worked as a legal secretary and then worked her way up to paralegal while supporting her husband, Tzi David Freier, who studied the Talmud in Kollel during the first ten years of her marriage. Subsequently, Rachel attended Touro College, where she majored in Political Science and directed the Women’s Pre-Law Society.

After graduating Touro College with honors, she attended Brooklyn Law School part time so that she would have time to study law while raising her six children. She was recently honored as one of Brooklyn Law School’s Trailblazers for being the first Chassidic woman to be elected to public office.

After graduating law school, Rachel founded Chasdei Devorah, Inc. a non profit charity, in memory of her friend who passed away at a young age. Thereafter she formed B’Derech, a grassroots non profit organization advocating for education and opportunity for adolescents in the Chassidic community.

When a group of Chassidic female Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in Borough Park asked Rachel to assist them in their desire to serve other women during emergencies, her offer to help them mushroomed into directing a global grassroots all women’s volunteer agency known as Ezras Nashim. In order to be a more effective leader, she became an EMT. Thereafter she attended CLI at North Shore LIJ n/k/a Northwell Health for her paramedic training. Rachel is a proud, devoted mother and grandmother of a Chassidic Family. She is dedicated to her Chassidic community specifically and reaches out to the general Jewish community.

Dr. Allen W. Cherson,


Dr. Cherson is a native New Yorker. He received his BA in History with honors from Queens College of the City University of New York. He attended medical school at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine of The New York Institute of Technology and completed his internship at Peninsula Hospital Center in Queens, New York. Dr. Cherson then completed a residency in emergency medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital Bronx, NY and a fellowship in prehospital care with the Fire Department City of New York. Dr. Cherson received his Masters Degree in Health Care Administration from Kaplan University.

Dr. Cherson has served as a member of the Woodmere Fire Department for 30 years rising through the ranks to become the EMS Medical Director and Fire District Surgeon. He has been the Medical Director of Prehospital Care at the New York Hospital of Queens where he also served as an attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine for several years.

Dr. Cherson spent over 6 years with the FDNY initially as an On-Line Medical Control Physician and then as a Medical Director. Dr. Cherson was the Medical Director of Training, Medical Director for Division 4 as well as being deeply involved in disaster preparation and weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Cherson served as a Medical Team Manager for New York City’s FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Task Force and has deployed with the task force on several occasions. In addition Dr. Cherson has worked closely with The 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade’s Chemical and Biological Incident Response Force as well as the International Task Force 45 on Best Practices for Chemical Warfare Agents in an Urban Environment. Dr. Cherson was the Medical Command Physician for FDNY during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and when Flight 587 crashed in Belle Harbor Queens 2 months later. Dr. Cherson has responded to several multiple and mass casualty events and has taken multiple courses in managing these events as well as technical rescue operations. He has been published several times with regard to the events of 9/11 and other Prehospital related matters.

Dr. Cherson is a former Chairman and current member of the Nassau Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee as well as a member of the Protocol and Policy Subcommittees respectively. He is also a member of the Nassau Regional EMS Council. Dr. Cherson has been a member of the New York City Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee for more than 15 years. He currently chairs the Certification and Credentialing Subcommittee and is an active member of the Protocol and Medical Standards Committees as well.

Dr. Cherson is one of the founding members of the American Board of Disaster Medicine and is currently board certified in Disaster Medicine. He served for several years as Regional Faculty and Medical Director for the Medisys Regional National Disaster Life Support Training Center and currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the National Disaster Life Support foundations Core Disaster Life Support Committee.

Dr. Cherson served for over 10 years as the Assistant Director of Emergency Medicine at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center and currently works in Urgent Care and as a consultant in Emergency Medicine, Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Care, and Disaster Medicine.


Steering Committee

Forming this committee are the orginal founders of Ezras Nashim, in addition to woman with vast experience and knowledge in the medical field, nurses and doctors amongst them. These woman are involved in leading Ezras Nashim and making decisions on objectives, policies & goals.

Operations Committee

Comprises EMT's who are active within the organization and have direct patient contact. These women are involved in making decisions that enable the smooth running of daily operations.

Advisory Panels

Advisory Panel

Representing both the men and woman of our communities, these individuals have a broad range of life and business experience, which enables them to be involved in an advisory capacity. They volunteer their time and expertise for consults on an ad hoc basis.

Rabbinical Panel

Handling halachic and hashkafic issues as they arise, this group of prominent rabbis provide the organization's rabbinical guidence.

About Our EMT's

Our EMTs are highly trained and Licensed by New York State

Many of our members are also trained in complementing fields, such as Paramedics, Registered Nurses, doulas, labor coaches, camp and school nurses

To acquire hands-on experience in assisting women in labor, we have privileges for shadowing at Northshore University Medical Center Labor & Delivery Room. This means we shadow the doctors and nurses during delivery and observe all scenarios ranging from natural labor to C-sections.

In addition to NYS EMT training, our members are required to attend NRP class and obtain certification for neonatal resuscitation.