On March 28, 2019, Eric Adams, president of the Brooklyn Boro Hall bestowed a citation of appreciation upon Ezras Nashim, during Women’s History Month. The public acclaim draws attention to the many women saved from heart attacks, birthing problems, traffic, home and workplace accidents, and other medical emergencies in a manner that respects their dignity and desire for privacy.

group shot at boro hall award

The citation emphasizes the important role of saving medically endangered orthodox Jewish women. Rabanim and the wider orthodox Jewish population appreciate the Kiddush HaShem that all of this represents.

Boro hall award with Judge Freir

Ezras Nashim volunteers learn the cutting-edge techniques and are skilled in delivering emergency medical care including CPR, using tourniquets or other types of bandages for severely bleeding wounds, and they can handle heart attacks. They provide all that with compassion plus something extra. Our volunteer Ezras Nashim staff cares for stricken people with the feminine intuition that has saved the lives and psyches of people throughout history. Women often sense what someone cannot or does not say, then put that knowledge to life-saving use. That’s especially important when the person in medical need is an orthodox female possibly embarrassed to express her thoughts and  eager to protect her modesty.

Founded in June 2014 and filling the void of emergency care for Orthodox females who are uncomfortable at sharing their body parts with male rescuers, the female only Ezras Nashim emergency medical technician team has spared feelings and provided excellent medical care for the past five years.

Ezras Nashim‘s successful rescues have saved lives and increased the quality of those lives.

Ezras Nashim‘s members have demonstrated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques, among other emergency skills, to the public.  Informative posters were shared with participants. Those achievements, and the others cited above, recently garnered a prestigious award for the organization. You can learn more about Ezras Nashim, including how to receive EMT training from the organization, at https://www.ezrasnashim.org/

Here is a copy of the Citation