Ezras Nashim’s founder, the Honorable Judge Ruchie Freier, made more news and a kiddush HaShem when she saved the life of an ailing passenger aboard a Lufthansa flight.

On her way home from a June 2019 visit to Hungary, Judge Freier heard a loudspeaker announcement requesting urgent medical help for a stricken passenger. She hurried to the flight crew, offering her assistance. Judge Freier succeeded in stabilizing the patient aka fellow passenger, earning repeated thanks from the staff plus a letter of thanks from Anne Becker and Sarah Schneider, members of Lufthansa German Airlines’ customer relations department.

Below is the letter that was received from Luftansa thanking Judge Freir.

Judge Freier reminds everyone she can that there is genuine value in learning how to save lives. Being prepared with some medical training can pay off in surprising circumstances. The trained person can prevent non-serious medical problems from becoming life-threatening. That lesson is part of the “93 Queens” film about Ezras Nashim and its life-saving purpose. You can save lives on the ground and high in the sky with adequate training. Ask us how.