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The motivation behind Ezras Nashim was to respond to Emergency labor and OB/GYN emergencies; however, to serve the needs of the community, we are also responding to pediatric, adolescent and geriatric emergencies. We also provide follow-up phone calls and visits.

When you call Ezras Nashim, you receive the highest quality emergency medical service as well as the extra support which is inherent in women as caregivers. We can assist when you find yourself as a loss and need a female caregiver: post-op, postpartum, ob/gyn, prehospital, pre-operative, terminal illnesses, blood pressure monitoring, pain management, geriatric issues… we fill in the gaps in emergency medical care.

In addition to signing the petition, all donations are greatly appreciated and help support our efforts. In addition to the ambulance that we are looking to purchase, there are plenty of opportunities to help with other equipment and organization needs. Thank you for your help!

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