I needed a trained woman to look me in the eye and tell me, you're ok, you can do this, we are here for you... It feels so good to know there are are woman who have the good fortune of being able to count on other woman when they need it the most!

Devoiry P

I have no words to thank you for being there for me in my most vulnarable time in my life.

there was absolutely no way i would allow men to see me and treat me in this state.

Ezras Nashim volunteers came within minutes and kept me calm and took care of me in the most proffesional manner. May you all be gebentched.


I had always been of the opininon Ezras Nashim is an organization of great importance, but one cannot compare hearing to seeing. After seeing firsthand the care with which they treated my wife I've become their biggest supporter!

The presence of a caring and professional woman during such a frightening and emotional time was both reassuring and calming for my wife. I'm so grateful to this wonderful organization for continuing to persevere and help woman.

Mendel lowy

(Translated from Yiddish)

Thank you Ezras Nashim for providing my mother with oxygen this past shabbos; it saved her life! Thank you for being so calm and reassuring during these challenging and turbulant times.

With much appreciation


I want to take the opportunity to express my appreciation and admiration for the amazing work you do. Last week when we needed your assisitence you really came through. Your response time was quick and your volunteers were professional and kind. As soon as she arrived we were put at ease and she was there with us as long as we needed her

B'h we made it to the hospital in time but we felt calm knowing competent help was there if neccesary.

May HKB'H repay you for your kindness and benth you with much hatzlacha.


Honestly at first I didn’t see the immense need for an all- woman’s emergency care program until yesterday. I like to consider myself a typical chassidishe woman. Im comfortable using male doctors and I didn’t see why it would be different in an emergency case, to have a man assisting my medical needs. As a newlywed I suffered from a bad case of flu barely 3 weeks after my wedding. After being in terrible pain for 3 days I was getting ready for bed when I started having difficulty breathing. My husband quickly called EMS and 3 guys showed up within minutes, overwhelmed, my breathing became more difficult.

Not long after, 3 woman showed up composed and understanding they coaxed me into concentrating on my breathing and calming me down. One woman even put Rachel Freier on the phone to help guide me to breathe properly. She was so firm caring and clear at once I felt much calmer. I was transferred to hospital in an ambulance , again these wonderful woman were there with me patiently explaining what’s happening all the way to hospital and for a couple of hours they were for me.

Thank you so much Ezras Nashim! I will be forever grateful

Rochel Lowey

Thank you Ezras Nashim for providing my mother with oxygen this past Shabbos; it saved her life! Thank you for being so calm and reassuring during these challenging and turbulent times.

With much appreciation


Dear Ezras Nashim, I have no words to thank you for the great community service you do. At a busy time fright before the Passover holiday you sent me a highly professional EMT who came so quickly and checked out my teenage daughter when she suddenly fainted and was out. You're expertise care helped her feel better right away all the while being compassionate and caring. I feel confident calling Ezras Nashim indefinately and give you all a five star rating!

Keep up your great work.

Mrs L